Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Shoes

I have had my 10-up Docs for a good three years now.I have worn them every day in Winter, most days in Spring and Autumn and whenever possible in Summer for those past years. I wore them in during my trip to Korea a few years back where they experienced the coldest and snowiest Winter in something like 30 years. They are now beginning to show signs of strain. They are still fine to wear; they are still my favourite shoes, but I have begun to accept that they are not going to be around for too much longer. I give them another year max. No use being in denial: it's time to start the slow search for the perfect pair of boots.

I need some really sturdy boots: real-man shoes that will be able to cope with mad debauchery, but still look really great.


Definately my favourite designer currently working. Her clothes are perfect, amazingly clever and innovative, but she doesn't just stop at killer clothes, her shoes are equally fantastic...

I think I can safely say that these are my favourite.


Burberry's shoes are usually a bit too casual for my liking. Since my clothing mantra is "always dress like you are attending a funeral," I find it a little inappropriate to wear anything that isn't black leather boots. However, Burberry's standout 2010 Autumn/Winter collection featured the most amazingly Winter-funeral appropriate shoes. There was a lot of shearling and leather in the show and the shoes were no exception. How toasty would your feet be surrounded in clouds of fluffy shearling goodness.


Wang more often makes sneakers rather than funeral-boots. His women's shoes are usually more that way inclined. Makes sense that the below pictured shoes are actually women's shoes, but that does not bother me in the slightest. How amazing is the cutout of the heel and cuff?




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