Saturday, June 18, 2011


I'm having another go at making shoes. This time, instead of recycling an old pair, I have gone ahead and made the uppers.

I salvaged the material and zips from an old suitcase and used some MDF left over from a sculpture or something.

Will be precarious!

This is as far as I have got.

I can't walk in with a new pair of shoes and be all: "Look, I made some shoes!" without having some evidence of a work process!

The platforms haven't been glued and the uppers aren't secured to the soles.

Can you feel the suspense?!

This is how they should end up looking, though hopefully even MORE bad-ass considering I plan to sand and paint the platform and put a binding around the staples.

I admit I took a little inspiration from the Westwood Melissa shoes.

I saw this super-tall, severe avant-garde woman sauntering around the library in these and I thought to myself: "Hey, I could TOTALLY make some of those bad-ass shoes. Boost me up to model height? Yes Please!" also, "Lady, what are you doing in a PUBLIC library? shouldn't you be at a gallery opening eating caviar out of a diamond Damien Hirst skull?"


  1. so inspiring! i would love to make a pair of shoes. amazing.

  2. Do it!
    We could start something new.
    Ties into the whole post-apocalypse Christchurch aesthetic: Plume is closed! D.I.Y out of necessity!

  3. Or lack there of!
    In nomine patris et filii et spritus sancti, amen