Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Platform's progress

I tried to dub music over this video as well as trim it down, however all I could manage was the trimming. I was planning on using either:
BEACH HOUSE - Master Of None
or BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE - Lover's Spit.

Now it's up to you to You tube it up and pretend like I don't suck harder than a black hole at EVERYTHING related to computers (except blogging: it's a lifestyle, buddy.)

Shifting focus back onto the main purpose of this post: the shoes are nearly finished and they are FUCKING FANTASTIC!
As some drunk reveller yelled at a friend of mine (who was wear very cool shoes at the time) "Those shoes would give a jelly-fish a hard on!!!".

If only that drive-by complimenter could drive by me now.

My legs are finally as long as they should be, and I am finally as tall as I should be. I'm going to be Lagerfeld's next accessory, just wait.

"Dahling, you see how this young man walk in shoes? IS WALK OF BEAUTY! NOW KNEEL BEFORE FASHION JESUS!!!"

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