Thursday, May 5, 2011

To come

Marc Jacobs Wellington boots.

Banana Republic trench coat.
I saw one nearly exactly the same in a Burberry store.

Woollen Calvin Klein overcoat.

The things of interest I bought in L.A/S.F

If you want to hear about the actual trip, write me a letter.

That's right, I know you just want to see my goods.

A few days ago I received an email from Elam saying that I'd won some prize for design. Naturally, I replied and asked if they was frontin' my shit up in this bitch and in turn I received an answer saying that I was really getting a prize (and a book voucher).

I went to the prize giving and it turns out that the prize was for my design work last year. I won the prize out of THE WHOLE OF ELAM. This includes undergrad AND postgrad. Shock I felt.

After it was this big classy afterparty: mad food and free booze. Naturally, having run out of vegetables AND canned foods, leaving only oatmeal, I got all up in the free food. I can tell you, cheese and crackers can fill you up when eaten tactically with frequent refills of wine (I knew the guy pouring out the goods). I agreed to myself that it was acceptable: it was O.K. to get dead drunk and go home. After my fourth, fifth glass, a guy who works in the same studio as me, who I had been talking to earlier that night, invited me out to dinner with his parents. I accepted.

The short of it is: I went to dinner with him, his three male flatmates, his parents and his parents' friends at the Lone star. They were so amazingly kiwi. It killed me. SO good. My steak was large and weeping bloody.

It was a good night.

stay tuned for monoprints!


  1. LONE STAR!? Jesus steven... I am impressed. Oh, and re: clothing = FUCK YOU! AAwwww... AAAWWWW.

  2. When my family went away I ate very little that wasn't cheese and crackers. Barry's Bay aged cheddar mmmm so good. Congrats on the things, you are a champ. I'm glad I have some Steven Parks sitting around so I can jet around the world one day by selling them at auction. Especially the cartoons about vaginas.

  3. Also, what are you going to spend the book voucher on?

  4. Don't know yet.

    a book made out of vodka or tobacco?

  5. actually, I'm going to spend it on philosophy textbooks. Not very exciting... aw